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The following is for those who are interested in the Vince Evans Project for Middle & High School Kids. We hope you will take 5 min and read about this one of kind project for kids in the USA.

“How to come from behind and win” this is a live and inductive project to reach middle school and high school students with information to help them achieve what they have been told they can not have, because of their color, race, creed, and their up bringing. This is a project of hope for millions of students here in California and around the other 49 states. 

We want to bring role models to young people, not only Vince Evans but also many other well know celebrities around the country. The wrong models are being presented to them daily via movies, songs, and local gangs. They need a new role model. 

I was telling my mom the other day, if parents where doing their job we would not have to be doing this DVD. Sorry to say they …. READ MORE